Founded in 1984, CHINT has developed a business network in over 140 countries and regions with more than 30,000 employees. CHINT has reached annual sales of 10.5 billion USD  
Focusing on the energy system of supply, storage, transmission, distribution, and consumption, CHINT has core businesses of clean energy, energy distribution, big data and energy value-added services. Furthermore, CHINT pillar businesses include photovoltaic equipment, energy storage, power transmission & distribution, low-voltage apparatuses, intelligent terminals, software development and control automation. By developing into a platform enterprise, CHINT provides a package of energy solutions for public institutions, industrial & commercial users, and end-users, by building a regional smart energy operation ecosphere. 
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Brand Overview

Founded: 1984


• Low Voltage 

• New Energy 

• Automation 

• Power T&D 

• Instruments and Meters 


Certifications & Standards

SAA (Australia) 
TUV (Germany) 
CE (European Union) 
CCC (China) 

Note: Please refer to datasheets for individual product certifications