Vertex 10W 3000k Warm White Gimbal LED Downlight

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- Energy efficient
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This LED Downlight is highly energy efficient and will help you cut down on your energy costs.

Your Handy Helper for Deciding on Downlights:

Colour Temperature:

Depending on your application and desired look and feel, it is important to consider what colour temperature will suit best.

A 3000k warm white downlight will help create a relaxing atmosphere, and are perfect for installing in bedrooms and living rooms.

A 4000k neutral white downlight gives a clean look, without appearing too blue or cool. This can be great for bathrooms and retail stores.

A 5000k cool white downlight is a great option for task-focused areas, such as study rooms and offices, as cool white light can help with alertness and productivity.

A 6000k daylight downlight is a great option for bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing rooms, as the light emitted is close to natural sunlight.

A tricolour downlight is great for versatility, as it can be used for any application.

Dimmable or Non-Dimmable:

Having a dimming feature on your downlight allows you to easily control the brightness of your light. This is convenient for creating ambience in the evening and night at home, or for creating mood lighting in retail stores. A dimmable downlight also saves on energy costs.

Having a non-dimmable downlight emits a constant bright light, and is great for kitchens, offices, museums or showcasing products in retail stores.

IP rating:

The IP rating of downlights refers to how weatherproof they are.

An IP20 rated downlight is not weatherproof, so is suitable for indoor use only.

An IP44 rated downlight is water resistant, so can be installed in areas which get minimal water spray, such as garages.

An IP65 rated downlight is completely weatherproof, and can be installed outdoors and indoors.


Having a sensor on your downlight is great for convenience and saving energy. Sensor downlights are well suited for small toilets and walk-in pantries, as you do not need to touch any light switch to turn the downlight on or off.

As they switch off when not in use, sensor downlights are long lasting and energy efficient, saving you on electricity bills.

More Information
Voltage220-240V AC
Colour Temperature3000K
Efficacy (Lm/W)98
Beam Angle40
Flicker FreeYes
IP RatingIP44
Body ColourWhite
DimensionsØ114mm x 47.3mm
Hole Cut-Out90mm
ComplianceSAA, RCM
Warranty5 Years
Lifespan50,000 Hours