- Your Cup is finished with gold-plated leaf and comes affixed to a wooden base with mahogany finish 

- Each Cup comes hand-engraved with: 

- Your Cup features an affixed base plate hand-engraved with the names of each member of your chosen AFL team. 

- Weighing in at just over 700g, each Cup stands proudly at 210mm with a handle-to-handle span of 130mm 

- AFL Cup is based on the Premiership year your chosen team won 
Royal Selangor – World Leaders In Pewtersince 1885 
In 1885, an intrepid young pewtersmith named Yong Koon sailed from the southern Chinese port of Shantou to the tin-rich Malay Peninsula to seek his fortune. Today, his enterprise is Royal Selangor, which continues his passion for the versatility and beauty of pewter. Composed predominantly of refined tin, with a small proportion of antimony and copper added for strength and durability, Royal Selangor represents the finest in materials and design. Unlike antique pewter, the modern article contains no lead and is perfectly food-safe. Our customers have enjoyed Royal Selangor at the table for as long as we’ve enjoyed making pewter. Pewter offers a lifetime of pleasure and beauty. Over time and with use, pewter develops a pleasing subdued tone unique to the metal.