Lemon Natural Essential Oil 10ml

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Key Features:

- 100% natural, no additives or alcohol

- Can be used in diffusers and cleaning sprays

- Amber bottle keeps oil fresher for longer

- Cruelty free

- Fast shipping from Melbourne based warehouse

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil:

Purifies the body and mind - cleansing and refreshing


Our 100% natural lemon essential oil is great for creating a fresh atmosphere. It can help with alertness, helping you be more focused and productive. It can also boost the immune system.


How to use Lemon Essential Oil:

Add  3-5 drops into an essential oil diffuser The amount depends on the size of your diffuser, so make sure to follow instructions on your diffuser. 

This lemon essential oil can also be used in the shower. Simply add a few drops into the corner and let the steam bring the scent to you. Make sure the oil doesn't come into contact with your skin incase irritation occurs. This essential oil can be added to cleaning sprays to create a fresh and clean scent.

Using Essential Oil   Shower Steam   cleaning

Can’t decide on just one oil? Check out our bundles featuring Lemon Essential Oil.

Consult with a doctor if planning to use these essential oils on your skin and face. Do not ingest. 

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Warranty1 Year