KINLIGHTS is a key manufacturer and supplier of LED lights, specialising in high bays and home garden lighting.

They have a R&D team of over 30 people, advanced testing equipment that analyses the product every step of the way and have won international awards for their products, including the German IF Award.

This is why countries around the world trust KINLIGHTS with for their lighting needs.

KINLIGHTS supplies JH Market with lighting products suitable for both commercial and domestic use, such as high bays, garden lights, kitchen lights and cabinet lights.

With cutting edge innovations and cost effective products, KINLIGHTS is a great option for your lighting needs.

Brand Overview

Founded: 2015


• Street Lights

• Highbay Lights

• High-pole Lights

• LED Cabinet Lights


Certifications & Standards

ISO9001 (Quality Assurance)

RCM (Australia)

PSE (Japan)

UL (Underwriters Labratory)

CB (Global)

CE (Europe)

TUV (Germany)



Note: Please refer to datasheets for individual product certifications