KG 18W Dimmable Tricolour Slim LED Oyster Light

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- Simple, clean design
- Clean white colour
- Warranty backed
- Fast shipping from Melbourne based warehouse

Your Handy Helper for Choosing the Right Oyster Light:


Having a sensor on your oyster light is great for convenience and saving energy. Sensor oyster lights are well suited for laundries, small toilets and walk-in pantries, as you do not need to touch any light switch to turn the oyster light on or off which is great for hygienic reasons.

As they switch off when not in use, sensor oyster lights are long lasting and energy efficient, saving you on electricity bills.

Colour Temperature:

Depending on the area you install your oyster light, it is important to consider what colour temperature will be the most suitable.

Our oyster lights come in two varieties, tri colour (3000k, 4000k & 6000k), and 6000k.

A 3000k warm white oyster light will help create a calm atmosphere, and are perfect for installing in bedrooms.

A 4000k neutral white oyster light gives a clean look, without appearing too blue or cool.

These are well suited for laundries, bathrooms and retail stores.

A 6000k daylight oyster light is a great option for bathrooms and dressing rooms, as the light emitted is close to natural sunlight.

A tricolour oyster light is great for versatility, as it can be used for any application.

IP Rating:

The IP rating of oyster lights refers to how weatherproof they are.

An IP20 rated oyster light is not weatherproof, so is suitable for indoor use only, such as a bedroom.

An IP44 rated oyster light is water resistant, so can be installed in areas which get some water spray, such as a bathroom or laundry. These oysters can also be installed in either area.


Having a dimmer on your oyster allows you to easily control the brightness emitted from it. This is convenient for creating ambience in the evening and night in your home, or for creating mood lighting in retail stores. A dimmable oyster light also saves on energy costs, as it is low light requires less energy.

Having a non dimmable oyster emits a constant bright light, and is great for areas such as bathrooms.

More Information
Product BrandKG
VoltageAC 200-250V
Colour TemperatureTri Color
Efficacy (Lm/W)50
Flicker FreeNo
DimensionsØ330mm x H60mm
Body ColourWhite
IP RatingIP44
Warranty3 Years
Lifespan30,000 Hrs.