JinHang 50W Skylight 3060

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- Innovative Osram technology for the realistic blue sky lighting

- Different modes designed for reading, night time, etc & automatic sunrise/sunset

- App and remote control

- Pairs with smart home devices

What are smart skylights?

Smart skylights are a cost effective and less intrusive alternative to traditional skylights. Smart skylights produce a natural sky blue light that is very close to real sunlight. With real sunlight, light scatters off molecules in the air, creating a phenomenon called ‘Rayleigh Scattering’, which makes the sky appear blue. Smart skylights mimic this Rayleigh Scattering with the use of innovative technology - the result giving off a realistic blue light.


Traditional skylights vs smart skylights




Traditional Skylight

●     Indirect sunlight

●     Ventilation

●     Expensive

●     Potential for roof leakage & sun damage

●     Heat gain & loss

●     Intrusive - have to cut holes in the ceiling and roof

Smart Skylight

●     Less intrusive - a hole in the ceiling only

●     Realistic sunshine without UV damage

●     Smart automation with remote and app control

●     Different modes designed for reading, dining, night time & automatic sunrise/sunset

●     Affordable pricing

●     Multiple skylights can be installed in one spot without weakening structure

●     Uses electricity

●     Can’t open for fresh air


Our smart skylights are the perfect choice for bringing realistic lighting into any space. They are made from high quality materials and use innovative Osram technology for quality light output. Our smart LED skylights can be installed flush or recessed, so they can suit a wide variety of spaces.

Our smart skylights are perfect for those who are wary of the issues that can come with traditional skylights, such as temperature control and roof leakage, but want to have realistic sunshine and increase property value. Our smart skylights are also anti-glare so they are gentle on the eyes.

Smart skylights are fixed, and cannot be opened for ventilation.

These smart skylights can be controlled using a remote or app, Tuya, where you can input your time zone and the brightness will adjust accordingly, including sunrises and sunsets. You can also control the brightness manually to suit your desired atmosphere including reading, dining, nighttime and more.


   - No need to open the entire roof which can lower a property’s structural integrity and can lead to roof leakage

   - Market leading prices

   - Smart automation with remote and app control

   - Can improve productivity and add value to properties

   - Natural looking light while dodging harmful UV rays



   - Houses & townhouses

   - Apartments & highrise buildings

   - Offices

   - Underground areas including car parks & train stations

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