Gulite works from R&D right through to manufacturing. They offer an innovative range of light fittings used across Australia, Europe, the US and Middle East.

Having strict quality control processes is one of their strengths, with years of refining production practises leading to being certified for product distribution globally while also earning a number of ISO compliance certifications.

Gulite's passion for innovation and continuous improvement has led them to partake in the Foreign Trade Association's (FTA) BSCI initiative, integrating social compliance in the heart of their global supply chains.

Brand Overview

Founded: 2015


• Tricolour LED Panels

• Panel Suspension Kits


Certifications & Standards

SAA (Australia)

UL (Underwriters Labratory)

CB (Global)

CE (Europe)

ISO9001 (Quality Assurance)

ISO14001 (Environmental Management)


Note: Please refer to datasheets for individual product certifications